The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [2020 Edition]

Learn about hooks, context, and React Navigation in React Native 0.62.2.

What you’ll learn

  • Use React Native to create native applications
  • Creating components that are reusable and beautiful.
  • Understand the concepts and terminology of Redux.
  • Your own applications can be developed and deployed to Apple and Google Play Stores
  • Develop a solid understanding of React design principles and methodologies
  • Discover the mobile design patterns used by experienced engineers.



Interested in learning Swift or Android but have little time on your hands? We highly recommend the React Native + Hooks Course for you.

Authentication? You will learn it.  Hooks? Included.  Navigation? Of course!

With The Complete React Native + Hooks Course, you’ll gain the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to get started with React Native right away, and develop a deeper understanding of React components for mobile platforms.

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Both OSX and Windows supported – develop iOS or Android!

In addition to the current v0.62.2 of React Native, the Complete React Native + Hooks Course includes the industry-standard v0.30.x.

In The Complete React Native + Hooks Course, we’ll learn the foundations of React Native, such as JSX, “props”, and “state” as well as how to handle events. Using the source code included in each lecture, you’ll always stay up-to-date on The Complete React Native + Hooks Course pace.  Personalized components have been carefully designed so that you can incorporate them into your own fantastic projects.

React Native provides an excellent solution for building mobile applications in a fraction of the time it would take to create an iOS or Swift app.  It will be great to see changes in your Swift or Java code immediately on your device, rather than having to wait for recompilation!  The rapid feedback loop of React Native, in addition to its cross-platform capabilities, have pushed it to the top of the must-know list for Javascript professionals.

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In this React course, you will learn all the basics of React as well as how to build a project using React. If you are completely new to React or have been working on it but still don’t feel like you quite get it, this is the course for you. You cannot learn React without understanding its concepts.

  • Learn how to use React’s custom markup language, JSX, to clean up your Javascript code
  • Master the process of breaking down a complex component into many smaller, interchangeable components
  • Grasp the difference between “props” and “state” and when to use each
  • Render interactive, media-rich components in beautifully styled apps
  • Develop apps that are unique, fun, and responsive
  • Build on both Android and iOS platforms
  • Master integration with Firebase for user authentication
  • Learn the core principles of navigation with React Native
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My course was designed to be exactly what I would have taken if I were learning React Native. The Complete React Native + Hooks course provides a comprehensive explanation of concepts and how they are implemented in just the right order for you to understand them.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone looking to make native apps with React Native

Created by Stephen Grider
Last updated 5/2021
Size: 12.98 GB

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