The Complete Forex Trading Course: Line Chart Trading

Master Forex Trading With Line Chart: Simple & Easy! (Live Forex Analysis With Detailed Explanation)

What you’ll learn

  • Understand basics of forex market
  • Master technical analysis – analyse the forex market like a pro
  • Simplify your forex trading and manage your risk
  • Understand line chart and use it in your advance
  • Learn top-down analysis and perfect your entries


  • Willingness to learn


Learn to trade successfully by using the line chart only – the simpliest way of trading.

Are you struggling with complicated forex trading strategies? Or, are you a beginner in forex trading looking for a simple strategy? This Complete Forex Trading Course is right for you! I was once struggling, too. I tried lots of strategies, but this one changed my life. Now I want to change yours.

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This line trading Complete Forex Trading Course is for all forex traders, from complete beginners to professionals who want to expand their knowledge. For day trading or swing trading… Everyone!  It is very simple and easy to understand. You will learn trading line charts step-by-step. I will give you some trading tips from my personal trading experience, and you will also see real line chart analysis.

After taking this Complete Forex Trading Course, you will be experienced enough to become successful in forex trading. Then you will only need to master the last step – trading psychology. Good luck with it!

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Do not forget to watch every single lecture, it is very important, because the knowledge is complete only with all lectures together.

Please understand that I am more trader than teacher (not perfect speaking skills) 🙂

Wish you a successful forex trading!


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to trade forex in the simpliest way…
  • All beginers who don’t want to learn complicated trading strategies…
  • Day-traders, swing-traders, scalpers…

Created by Radovan Rypák
Published 2/2021
Size: 242.1 MB

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