Reverse Engineering 2: Windows GUI Programs

Windows Graphical User Interface programs can be reverse engineered with xdbg

What you’ll learn

  • Disassemble windows programs
  • Reversing jumps
  • Patching
  • Debugging windows programs
  • Solving crackme’s
  • NOP instructions
  • Modifying EAX register values
  • Setting Hardware Breakpoints
  • Memory Patching
  • Intermodular Call Method
  • Call Stack Method
  • Understand how Trial Period works
  • Understand how the Software Registration process works
  • Remove Nag Screens


POPULAR  Reverse Engineering 1: x64dbg Debugger for Beginners


The first course in our series, Reverse Engineering 1: x64dbg Debugger for Beginners, that you took taught you how to reverse engineer an operating system command-line program, how to debug, step over, and patch, among other things. This 2nd course will continue your education. The graphical user interface will be reverse engineered as part of this course. I created crackmes for you so that you could practice reversing them as usual.

What you will learn:

  • How to disassemble programs into assembly code
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Setting breakpoints and stepping through code
  • Modify program behaviour
  • Patching programs
  • Intermodular Call Method
  • Call Stack Method
  • Hardware Breakpoints
  • Memory Patching
  • Patching EAX register values
  • Understanding Trial Period software
  • Understanding Software Registration process
POPULAR  Reverse Engineering 1: x64dbg Debugger for Beginners

Thank you and see you inside.

Who this course is for:

  • Computer students who want to write a program that disassembles and debugs windows programs
  • Anyone who is interested in reverse engineering
  • Programmers who want to know how to fix bugs in programs without the source code

Created by Paul Chin
Last updated 12/2020
Size: 2.88 GB

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