ProtoPie for UX Design

Protopie For Ux Design


ProtoPie is a code-free prototyping tool that helps you build highly-interactive prototypes for mobile apps easily and quickly, so you can share your designs with clients and colleagues on any device. In this course, Ronnie McBride starts with the basics of ProtoPie, from installation to an overview of the prototyping interface to the core concept that drives the interactive methodology of ProtoPie. He then goes over interaction basics like importing assets, paging and scrolling, and creating triggers and responses. From there he takes a look at organizing layers, creating components, and defining variables and formulas. Ronnie finishes the course by demonstrating how to export and share your prototypes, including how to use the ProtoPie Player and ProtoPie Cloud, and how to record your prototype interactions to use them in a presentation.

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