Predictive Analytics Essential Training: Data Mining

Predictive Analytics Essential Training: Data Mining


Are you a data science practitioner, looking to develop or enhance your skills in predictive analysis and data mining? This course provides several “big picture” insights, via instructor Keith McCormick, a veteran practitioner who has completed dozens of real-world projects. Keith begins by introducing you to key definitions and processes that you will need to complete the course successfully. He steps you through defining the problem you need your predictive analysis to address, then focuses on how to make sure you meet the data requirements and how good data preparation improves your data mining projects. Keith dives into the skill sets and resources that you need and the problems you will face. Then he goes over the steps to find the solution and put it to work with probabilities, propensities, missing data, meta modeling, and much more. Keith finishes up with detailed explanations of CRISP-DM and Tom Khabaza’s nine laws of data mining, plus Tom’s new 10th law.

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