MERN Stack:React, Socket io, Nextjs, Express,MongoDb, Nodejs

Build & deploy MERN social Media- Nextjs, socket io for real Time chat & Notifications, Infinite Scroll, the list goes on.

What you’ll learn

  • Create a complex real-world App that will actually get you a Job. (make sure to check intro video)
  • Build a full stack complex Social Network app with React, NextJs (for SSR), Express with Node for backend , MongoDB as database.
  • Socket io for REALTIME CHAT with multiple authenticated users. STORE every message a user sends and receives in MongoDB.
  • Showing users who are ONLINE on your app.
  • Receive Messages anywhere inside the app.
  • REALTIME NOTIFICATIONS whenever someone LIKES or COMMENTS on your posts. Also when someone FOLLOWS you.
  • Only see the posts of Users you are FOLLOWING on the homepage, just like it happens in big social networks
  • Create INTERLINKED MongoDB models for storing all the INFO of Users, MESSAGES, NOTIFICATIONS. Learn how big social media companies do this kind of stuff.
  • Create a root user to delete any post or any comment which he/she finds inappropriate
  • SEARCH for users inside your Db.
  • Easily implement INFINITE SCROLL in you app.
  • Toast Notifications with React-Toastify
  • FULLY RESPONSIVE Layout for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Screens.
  • Modals for posts.
  • POSTMAN for API testing
  • RESETTING The Password using Sendgrid and Nodemailer.
  • CLOUDINARY For Image Uploads
  • Deployment to Heroku.
  • Source Code available to download before every section.


  • This is NOT an “Intro to React” or “Intro to Node” course. It is a practical hands on course for building an app using the MERN stack. You need to know the basics of React and Node. I have taken care of everything else in the MERN Stack: React, Socket io, Nextjs, Express, MongoDb, Nodejs course. I have explained properly how NextJs and Socket io works.
  • I do try and explain everything as I go, so it is possible to follow without React/Node experience but it is recommended that you know at least the basics first.
  • Good understanding of JavaScript and ES6 syntax (object de-structuring && arrow functions).
  • React hooks mainly useRef, useEffect & useState
  • Will to Learn.
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Welcome to “MERN Social Media with Socket io for Real time chat and Notifications”.

This is the most complex MERN app you are ever going to create.

(Source Code available to download before every section.)

I am going to explain all the features below but make sure to check the intro video because no matter how much I write, there are so many features in this app, I might miss something. Also all the videos are in 1080p so make sure to turn on the auto mode in video quality settings.

This course includes…

  • This is one of the most complex apps you are going to build. Nearly 12 hours of video content for a single app, which will look great on your resume.
  • React and NextJs(For Server Side Rendered Pages) for our Frontend and Express with Node on the backend. We are going to use  Socket io for Realtime connection between multiple clients for messaging.
  • Creating complex & interlinked MongoDB Models for storing the info of users, messages they send and receive, their notifications, following and followers of a user,. We are going to store everything in our database.
  • We are going to show the online users in our app to the logged user just like in any big social network .
  • Real time chat with multiple users. So no need to refresh the page to check if there is a new message. Everything is going to happen in real time. Also, we are going to play a notification sound when there is a new message.
  • We are only going to show the posts of the users you are following. So, exactly the same way it happens in big social networks.
  • We are going to have Realtime Notifications. Whenever someone likes your post or comments on your post or starts following you, a new notification will appear.
  • Infinite Scroll to bring the new posts from the backend automatically on when the user is near the bottom of the page.
  • Creating a fully responsive layout on the Frontend, only with JavaScript and No CSS media queries. Also, it is going to be optimized for Server Side Rendering (SSR).
  • Upload Profile Pictures. Also create posts with pictures. We are going to store all the images in CLOUDINARY.
  • Also, we are going to create a root user. That user can delete any post or delete any comment inside the app.
  • We are going to display all the info about your Followers and Following. Make sure to check the intro video. I have talked about this in detail there.
  • Also, we are going to give the user the option to update profile picture or profile info. We are going to have a settings tab, where you can update your password and message popup settings.
  • I am going to teach you how to populate fields inside MongoDB, I am also going to show you how to interlink the models to each other so that we do not have to store fixed values in every model.
  • Also, we are going to add the functionality to reset the password. We are going to use NodeMailer & Sendgrid to send the email with the link to the user to reset the password.
  • At the end we are going to deploy it to HEROKU.
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This is the one of the most complex project you are going to create, and it will look really great on your resume. So, what are you waiting for, just enroll in the MERN Stack: React, Socket io, Nextjs, Express, MongoDb, Nodejs course and start learning.

You can ask me all the questions in Udemy Q/A.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn the incredible MERN Stack with Next Js for Server Side Rendering, SOCKET io for realTime chat, and creating complex MongoDb models
  • Students who want to build their resume with a complex real world app
  • Students who want to learn how real-time communication happens between server and client.
  • Students who want to take their skills even further.
  • Students who are curious about how big social media companies work
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Created by Inder Singh
Last updated 4/2021
Size: 4.88 GB

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