Manage Application Installs with Chocolatey Package Manager

Manage Application Installs With Chocolatey Package Manager


Installing applications on Windows computers is a varied experience. Sometimes it requires downloading an installer from a website, other times we can install from the Windows Store. In many cases the installer requires user interaction on multiple input screens. If you’re looking for a consistent and reliable way to install Windows applications, the Chocolatey package manager might just be what you’re looking for. In this course, Walt Ritscher details the many useful things this command line application installer for Windows can do for you. Unlike manual installations, Chocolatey adds, updates, and uninstalls programs in the background, requiring little user interaction. Walt explores how to use Chocolatey in PowerShell, and also covers the Boxstarter application, a tool that leverages Chocolatey to automate the installation of software and create repeatable, scripted Windows environments.

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