JavaScript: Maps and Sets

 Programs are constantly evolving, which is one of the things we love about them. No exception applies to JavaScript.


JavaScript is no exception to this rule because programming languages are always evolving and changing. In the past few years, JavaScript has expanded and has gained many new elements, including maps and sets. Despite the fact that JavaScript maps and sets may sound simple, they’re quite different from their counterparts in other programming languages.

Jamie Pittman in this course covers the nuances of JavaScript maps and sets, their syntax, how they work, and how to properly integrate them into daily coding practices. In addition to a general overview of these features, we describe when and where they should be used, their WeakMap and WeakSet variants, as well as their methods and properties.

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With time, JavaScript has become more complex and has been extended in many ways, including mapping and sets. Learn how to use JavaScript maps and sets to learn how to step up your JavaScript skills. My name is Jamie Pittman, and I’m a software engineer who works on front-end development. Find out more about Maps and Sets in JavaScript by joining me.

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