Java Programming Essentials

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Become familiar with the Java programming language’s core concepts.

The Java Programming Essentials course provides you with the skills and knowledge required to get to know the Java language at a deeper level. During this more than 8 hour video course, you will develop a level of understanding that goes far beyond what is typically expected from programmers learning a language on the job. Using the Java key knowledge you gain in this course will increase your skill set, help you ace an interview, and give you the foundation you need to understand Java effectively. Furthermore, you will be prepared to take the Java 11 certification exam after completing this Java Programming Essentials course.

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In this Java Programming Essentials course, we will explore constructions of basic structures, packages, functions, operators, and expressions, as well as how to create classes, objects, and functions.

Skill Level:

  • Beginner to Intermediate

Learn How To:

  • Structure a Java source file
  • Declare and use packages
  • Build and execute your code from the command-line
  • Use operators and expressions
  • Use conditional and loop structures
  • Declare simple classes and instantiate objects
  • Understand garbage collection

Who Should Take This Java Programming Essentials Course:

  • Programmers and IT professionals wishing to transition to the Java Programming Language.
  • Whether academic or professional, anyone interested in learning more about Java Programming Language.
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Course Requirements:

  • A working knowledge of programming, not necessarily in the Java language

By Simon Roberts
Released June 2021
Size: 18 GB

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