Getting Started as a Full-Stack Web Developer

Do you ever say, “I want to get into web development, but I don't know where to begin?”? If you would like an introductory course that takes you step-by-step through the process, then this Getting Started as a Full-Stack Web Developer course is for you.

In this Getting Started as a Full-Stack Web Developer course, Tom Geller introduces you to the multi-skill path to becoming a full-stack web developer. Tom introduces you to the tools you'll use, then walks you through some simple tasks you can do right now. Afterward, he discusses how to get online with a web host and the technologies you can use to show information, such as HTML and CSS.

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Tom discusses types of programming languages, website security, tools that allow users to connect to databases and other sites, and more. Following an explanation of how you can build on others' work, he offers practical advice about enhancing your skills.

Author: Tom Geller
Size: 790.2 MB

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