Flutter 2.0: Build Modern Responsive Web & Mobile Apps

The Flutter 2.0 & Firestore suite allows developers to create scalable apps for Web, iOS, Android, and desktop devices by taking this Flutter 2.0: Build Modern Responsive Web & Mobile Apps udemy course.

What you’ll learn


  • It is helpful to have a basic understanding of programming. As long as you understand basic OOP concepts, you should be fine
  • Be willing to learn and work
  • Pre-existing, Flutter, Dart Programming Experience is helpful; Or Web Development Basics
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Flutter Web is now available!

In case you already know Flutter/Dart, you will be delighted to know that you can now build dynamic, scalable, and adaptive web apps (iOS, Android, and Desktop) with Flutter.

This is a big release for Flutter 2.0, as it lets you write desktop and web applications using the Flutter and Dart libraries.

For the final project, which is the final module of this course, you will use Flutter 2.0 and Dart to craft an application called Book Tracker.

You’ll be:

  • (First) Getting started with a simple Portfolio App in Flutter
  • Develop a full-featured, more complex Flutter Web App with Firestore and FirebaseAuth as the backend
  • Use Google Cloud FirebaseAuth to create, authenticate, and login users
  • You can create, edit, delete, and update books using the Cloud Firestore backend
  • Develop your skills in the implementation of basic and advanced routing in Flutter 2.0 Web
  • Learn how to implement basic and Advanced Routing in Flutter 2.0 Web
  • Deploy Flutter Web App to Firebase Hosting
  • Build and release iOS and Android Mobile Apps from the same Web app codebase!
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You will complete this course with all the skills and tools you need to build Flutter web apps, iOS and Android apps competently, as well as easily re-purpose the same apps to Desktop apps.

Learn to develop cross-platform software with Flutter by joining this course!

Why Should You Take This Course (one more reason)?

Among the most successful online programming courses are those created by Paulo Dichone (more than 100,000 students have taken my courses and are happy and satisfied). My intent was to make this particular Android Masterclass as user-friendly as possible.

As a general rule, Flutter development is challenging – there is a lot of information available, but none of it is fully updated or complete. Those who try something by themselves, wait months without seeing results, and then give up after so long, have my sympathies!

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That’s why I do what I do – teach. 

As part of this course, I will show you how to start developing your own web apps right away using Flutter Web Development.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Intermediate Flutter Developers
  • Web Developers who Want to Learn to Build Flutter Web Apps
  • Curious Students who Want to Build Their Own Flutter Web Apps, iOS, Android and Desktop Apps with Flutter 2.0
  • Project Managers who Want to Learn How Flutter 2.0 Web App Development Works
  • Anyone who wants to Learn Flutter Web App Development

Created by Paulo Dichone | Android, Java, Flutter Developer and Teacher
Last updated 6/2021
Size:  6.80 GB

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Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/flutter-build-modern-responsive-web-mobile-apps-desktop/

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