Coding 101+: Level Up Your Python with Object-Oriented Programming

Have you ever heard of the term “Object-Oriented Programming”? Are you interested in developing your coding skills but haven’t heard of this program? Take this Coding 101+: Level Up Your Python with Object-Oriented Programming course from skillshare to learn master OOP.

About This Class

Students in this class will explore Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), a subject every programmer should know. There are several key concepts and takeaways we will discuss:

  • The paradigm of thinking, for Object-Oriented Programming
  • A simplistic ice cream truck simulator using OOP concepts
  • A minimal simulation for light switches in a home, also using OOP concepts
  • What classes and instances are
  • How to write your first class
  • How to keep code readable (abstraction), maintainable (inheritance), and flexible (mixins, composition)
  • 1 hour of content with bite-sized, 5-minute lessons + 30 minutes of bonus content
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During class we’ll be coding together, so it’s going to be a very interactive experience. This class prepares you for the skills essential for writing and reading Object-Oriented programming code. Moreover, you’ll have a new way to organize your code, which will lead to a level up in your coding skills.

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Teacher: Alvin Wan
Size: 1.1 GB

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